Made for special cases.

Some plants and areas of application require very special LEDs. Regardless of whether it concerns the designing of interiors and green walls or demanding individual plants: Our Special range offers the solution.

New solutions for high demands.

Make interiors perfectly green: With the grow lights of our Special range this is possible everywhere.

Interior greening

Sales room

Demanding individual plants

Green walls

Special: Your choice.

All individual solutions for special applications: These are our LEDs of the Special range.

  • The plants should flourish, but also those who live there should feel well. That is not so easy for me as an interior designer. However, with LEDs, I can bring both perfectly under one roof.

    Marcel D.
  • In our showrooms I have now switched to Greenception LEDs. The light is just great and our customers linger here much longer. I also notice that in the sales.

    Jonathan V.