Extension cable 1.5 m for seriesx

The practical extension cable with a length of 1.5 m for all models of the new seriesx.

14,90  incl. VAT

14,90  incl. VAT

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For individual setups.

With this extension cable you have the possibility to use our seriesx fixtures even more flexibly. With the square models (GCx 4 – GCx 25), the cable is used to install the LED bars independently of the driver box. The distance between the light bars of the two solo models (GCx 2solo and GCx 5solo) to the external power supply can also be easily extended.

You also have the option to connect up to three of these 1.5 m cables together. This allows you to achieve a distance of up to 4.5 m between the driver and the LED bar for maximum flexibility in installation.

The plug connections are protected against water and dust on both sides (IP 68).