GC Spot

A compact grow light with all the advantages of LED technology - ideal for additional illumination and interiors.

49,95  incl. IVA

49,95  incl. IVA

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This compact LED grow light from Greenception convinces with its low consumption and the exclusive production of plant spectrum light. In this way the plant can make use of around 95% of the light. In addition, no heat is produced, so that the room temperature can be reduced by up to 15° compared to sodium vapour lamps. It also offers energy savings of up to 90%.

  • The plants should flourish, but also those who live there should feel well. That is not so easy for me as an interior designer. However, with LEDs, I can bring both perfectly under one roof.

    Marcel D.
  • In our showrooms I have now switched to Greenception LEDs. The light is just great and our customers linger here much longer. I also notice that in the sales.

    Jonathan V.

LED revolution.

Very low electricity consumption

Produces pure plant spectrum light

For a small, concentrated illumination area

GS Spot

The GC Spot offers all the advantages of innovative LED technology. Additionally, it is virtually maintenance free and can be screwed into mounts without a ballast unit. With its focused cone of light, the LED lamp is suitable for the additional illumination of darker corners of a cultivation area. Due to its pleasing design, the GC-Spot can also be used ideally in living rooms.

Technical Data

All details at a glance

Weight approx. 0.24 kg
Dimensions: ø approx. 121 mm/height approx. 130 mm
Power consumption approx. 33 W
Photon flux density (15 cm): ~2340 μmol/(m²*s)
Photon flux density (30 cm): ~585 μmol/(m²*s)

Area of application

With a focused light area it is perfect for the additional illumination of cultivation areas or for individual plants indoors and in living spaces.

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