GC Bar 8

This professional grow light replaces conventional sodium vapour lamps. Individual light recipes allow the specific influencing of many growth parameters.

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The GC Bar 8 is significantly safer and more energy efficient than conventional sodium vapour lamps. The light recipes can be controlled with the GC Signal and the free GC Cockpit™ Software and even more individually adapted to the demands of the respective cultivations.

LED Revolution.

High safety and less power consumption

To achieve individual growth results

Controllable by GC-Signal and Software

GC Bar 8

The light recipes of this grow light are controllable by GC Signal. The GC Bar 8 offers even more options for customisation through pre-set and user-defined operating modes. It is also possible to simulate sunrise and sunset or to control the distribution of light in real time – all conveniently with the Greenception Software.

With these varied possibilities, plants can not only be planted: Colour, flowering time, active ingredient and vitamin content, as well as taste, can be influenced in a targeted manner.

Growth light recipe with additional blue and white SMD chips from CREE.
Flowering light recipe with additional red SMD chips from Osram.
Full spectrum light recipe with 4 smaller COB chips.

The highly efficient full spectrum COB chip is at the heart of each cluster. For growth clusters, blue and white SMD chips from CREE are added, and the flower cluster is complemented by red SMD chips from Osram. In the full spectrum cluster, another 4 smaller COB chips are added.

The COB chip emits a light that the human eye perceives as white. In this way, you can observe the plant without additional lighting and detect diseases or pests early.

Technical Data

All details at a glance

Weight approx. 17.5 kg
Dimensions: approx. 900 x 900 x 95 mm
Cluster number: 48
Power consumption: 560 W
Photon flux density (15 cm): up to 1500 μmol/(m²*s)
Photon flux density (20 cm): up to 1375 μmol/(m²*s)
Photon flux density (30 cm): up to 1250 μmol/(m²*s)
Beam angle: COB: 105°, LED: 105°

*Our light management software GC Cockpit™ is developed for all common windows devices and free of charge.

Area of application

The GC Bar 8 is perfect for grow boxes with a footprint of up to 150 x 150 cm. Due to the individual light recipes with their many options and the control via GC Signal and GC Cockpit™ Software, this grow light is a professional solution for demanding users.

Download the GC Bar 8 Datasheet here

Download the GC Cockpit Software here